Toyota Yaris

One of the pros of this car is that it has an impressive safety rating, and of course being a Toyota it’s very likely to be fairly reliable. The latest incarnation of the Yaris, which has been in production since 1999, now comes with a hybrid option joining the famous Prius in Toyota’s hybrid line up. If you fancy picking up a Toyota Yaris, you’ll be able to find a brand new one from just over £12,000, and the base price of other variants stays under £20,000. The con with the Yaris is that if you want a good looking one you probably need to buy new.

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio has an obvious pro from the start, as it will come with a sizeable warranty which is useful if you’re buying new, and if you are buying nearly new or used, there should be some part of the warranty left. It’s often not considered to be a fashionable brand, or a fashionable model of an unfashionable brand, but it comes with a seven-year warranty and prices start from just £11,995. Like the Yaris, older versions might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s most recent facelift has given it style. It garners some of the lowest rates for Car insurance, which is great if you want to find the best quotes.

Renault Twingo

It’s the cheapest car on the list so far, with a brand new Twingo starting from £9,995. It might not be the best looking car on the market, but it’s a city car and they don’t often have the best designs, due to size limits. However, if you live in a busy city and you need a small car that has some of the lowest rates for Motor insurance, then the Renault Twingo could be for you. If you’re looking for a sportier finish on a city car, you might not get a good insurance premium but you could get a Renault Twingo GT instead.

Skoda Citigo

Another city car? Yes, that’s because they often get some of the lowest rates for Car insurance lowest rates for Car insurance and the Skoda Citigo is a car that comes up frequently when you need to find the best cars for Motor insurance. Of course the name Skoda hasn’t had the best reputation in the past, but now it is part of the Volkswagen group you can be sure it won’t let you down both on the road and when searching high and low for a reasonable insurance premium. It may have that standard city car look but it’s got a great starting price of £8,635.

Dacia Sandero

Good news! We’re going back to a more spacious car. Of course, it’s not as spacious as the likes of a saloon car such as a Volkswagen Passat or anything of that ilk, but when it comes to the lowest insurance rates for a big car, you have to pick one. The Dacia Sandero is insanely cheap with a starting price of £5,995 – so if you’re looking for cheap insurance quotes and you need to get on the road for a relatively small amount, the Dacia Sandero is probably the car for you. Yes it’s not flash, but you’re going to be looking at a low Car insurance premium if you drive one.

Find Car Insurance Isn’t Just About The Car

Of course, the car you drive plays a major factor when insurance companies work out your premium and when you’re on the hunt to find the best rates, having a car that’s in the lowest insurance groups (which are Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3) can help massively. What can also help for insurance discounts is having a good driving history, so no convictions, and several years of no claims bonus. If you aren’t fortunate to have either of those then to find the lowest rates you may need to find the cheapest cars to insure, and that can often be small cars such as city cars or superminis.